Oh Goa! That famed coastline, blessed with tropical sun and pristine beaches, adorned with cafes and shacks has been the main draw for international travellers to India, for many years now. Even for Indian travellers, there is no bigger getaway destination in the country and you can experience this almost every weekend when Indians of all ages alike, from all parts of the country, throng to its beaches to give their lives a momentary escape. We think Goa is India’s answer to Hawaii and Ibiza, albeit a lot smaller but equally charming. However, if you can take your eyes off the beaches and the accompanying bling-bling clubs, you will find many quieter and offbeat things to do in Goa. Unlike the rest of India, Goa has a Portuguese connection of over 450 years, which has seeped into the everyday lives of Goans. The cuisine is markedly Indian but has an unmistakeable European influence to it. The architecture, especially the churches, is what you would normally associate with the Iberian Peninsula. Needless to say, it also boasts of an intriguing history filled with fascinating stories tailor made for the trivia hunter. Nestled between the Coast and the mountainous Western Ghats, Goa offers stunning tropical forests for the nature lovers. Honestly, we think Goa is best experienced among its people, their culture, their food and their colonial bungalows afar from the maddening crowds on the beaches. Even for the beaches, we recommend the not so popular but equally pristine ones.

Whenever you go to Goa, give yourself enough time to soak in the vibe. The beaches and cafes sure will help you unwind but take a couple of days to experience the hinterlands, the rundown churches and the quaint fishing villages and discover why Goa is a truly magical landscape. Remember, there are quite a lot of things to do in Goa, apart from the beaches and the cafes. Also, come what may, never forget to ‘Susegad’.


We list out the best things to do in Goa. There is more to it than the beaches, we promise.

  • Visit the many forts (Aguada, Chapora and Terekhol Forts) and relive the history of naval trade and naval wars. As an added bonus, all of them provide stunning sunset points.
  • Visit the UNESCO world heritage site of Old Goa, which also houses the sacred relics of St Francis Xavier.
  • Take a walk through Fountainhas architecture.
  • Visit the offbeat museums at Latoulim and rediscover the Goa way of life (The big foot museum, the big foot cross museum and the Portuguese house )
  • Visit one of the flea markets and buy quirky trinkets. The most famous is the Wednesday flea market at Anjuna while the Arpora Flea Market is on Saturday.
  • Kayak in the backwaters of Sal with Goa Kayaking. This is a perfect way to start a day, as you go through the backwaters, encountering lotuses, mangoes cashews and of course the many varieties of birds.
  • Go canoeing in the southern jungles of Goa with Goa jungle.
  • Trek to the Dudh Sagar Falls and the lesser known Tambdi Surla falls. Trekking in a tropical paradise we believe.
  • Take a spice plantation tour and enjoy some traditional Goa cuisine at the Sahakari farms.
  • The best beaches in Goa, afar from the maddening crowds, are found in South Goa. Palolem is the most popular though our personal favourites are Benaulim, Agona and Patnem.


  • Goa has an international airport at Vasco. It is also well connected by rail & road and reaching Panjim is never a problem. Once in Goa, zip through the state on a hired two wheelers. This is the best option to explore the state.
  • While Goa is extremely scenic during August and September, if you want to avoid the rains, the best time to visit Goa is from October till March. However, the influx of tourists during December is maddening – not recommended if you are looking for a quiet spot on the beach.
  • Accommodation: Goa, an international tourist destination is one of the first places in India to have world class backpacker hostels. They are the best places to meet fellow travelers and are quite pocket friendly too. The best hostels include:

  • Tourism in Goa has ensured the availability of international cuisines from all over the world. But while in Goa, do not miss the spicy tangy Goan cuisine. Delicious fresh pav (Indian bread) served along with xacutis (coconut based curry) and vindaloos, is a must try. You also cannot leave Goa without trying Fenny, a local alcohol brewed from cashews.

Want to do something more in Goa, than the beaches?

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Stories from the road!

Things to do in Goa - Explore the many Portuguese churches
There is more to Goa than the beaches. Like this stunning Portuguese Church.
Things to do in Goa - Shop at the flea market
Shop till you drop at the flea market in Goa
Things to do in Goa - Visit to Fort Aguada
Fort Aguada - an iconic location in Goa
Things to do in Goa - Explore the many Portuguese churches
Lady Immaculate Church - Goa's must visit destination
Add wildlife to your list of things to do in Goa
The wildlife and nature around Goa is highly under rated
Things to do in Goa - laze around the many beaches
Enjoy the bliss of solitude at one of the pristine beaches of Goa
Dudh Sagar Falls is one of the things to do in Goa
A memorable train journey in the Konkan railways - scenic mountains and the majestic Dudh Sagar
Things to do in Goa - Watch the sun set along a beach
A Goan sunset