There ought to be something about this place, for the Scots to call this their home in India. Nestled between the royal city of Mysore on one side and the Arabian Sea coastline on the other, lie the highlands of Coorg filled with lush green paddy fields, coffee plantations and evergreen forests. It is one of the most scenic regions of Karnataka, thanks to the omnipresent greenery here. Primarily a paddy growing region, coffee was introduced about 200 years ago and is now a major industry in Coorg. Also, the forests of Coorg are one of the last bastions of the tiger along with its many jungle dwelling friends. This is also the home of the fiercely proud Kodavas, who have their own cultural identity different from the rest of Karnataka. They whip up some amazing meaty concoctions which we will be sampling during our travels in Coorg. Visit Coorg for a truly exotic experience filled with coffee, rain forests and pandi (pork) curry. You will never run short of activities here – there are ample of things to do in Coorg. And if nothing pleases you, just sit in the portico of your homestay with a glass of wine in one hand and a book in the other to get lost in the beauty of the land of the Kodavas


Though there are plenty of things to do in Coorg, you can just be there without doing anything and soak in the beauty of the place. For the others – the must-do things in Coorg are more than one can imagine. However, do give the time that it deserves.

  • The forests of Kabini and Nagarhole: The forests of Western Ghats have been recognized by UNESCO as one of the 8 hottest hotspots of biological diversity in the world. The flora and fauna here are amongst the rarest in the world and come in all sizes from the slender Loris to the Royal Bengal Tiger to the majestic Indian Elephant. The safaris conducted by the wildlife department takes you to the heart of the jungle and are a highly recommended activity.
    • The safaris are priced at INR 300 for Indians and INR 1,100 for foreign nationals.
    • The safaris are available only if the weather Gods are happy (it is cancelled if the weather conditions are uncongenial). It is advisable to confirm its availability with the Forest Department or your local homestay before heading out.
  • Golden Temple Monastery: This is a slice of authentic Tibet in Southern India. This majestic monastery, built by the Tibetan refugees is one of the last bastions of Tibetan culture in the world. A walk through the monastery is a lesson in Tibetan mythology while the peace and tranquility of the place will soothen the nerviest of minds.
  • Dubare Elephant Camp: A one of a kind experience where friendly tamed elephants come out for a morning bath to a nearby stream and you can lend a hand to the mahouts. These elephants help the forest officials keep the forest clean from poachers, but they demand their share of tender loving care which the mahouts are happy to oblige. This is a highly recommended activity for kids and adults alike.
    • The elephant bathing ritual happens every day from 09.30 hrs (IST) to 11:00 hrs (IST) (the timing varies very frequently and it is advisable to check the current timings once before heading).
  • Tadiandamol and other hikes: The hilly areas combined with dense forests make Coorg the perfect location for an ardent hiker. The place abounds with many treks, with the Tadiandamol hike being one of the best. There is enough information available on the internet about the hiking trails, but most of them are not marked. It is recommended you do some research before pickup on the trail. And remember, always stay safe.
  • Talakaveri: This is the birthplace of Kaveri, the lifeline of Southern India. Considering the importance of Kaveri to South Indians, this is one of holiest spots around this region. Go ahead and pour a few drops of the holy water to wash your sins away.
  • Coffee Plantations: Pick any scenic coffee plantation you come across and spend a night there. You will wake up to an opera of musical melody conducted by the innumerable birds around. The coffee plantations offer a scenic getaway from the hustle and bustle of city dwelling.


  • Coorg is 150 Km away from Mysore and we recommend you spend at least 3 days in the region, to be able to experience the true essence of Coorg.
  • Coorg is cooler than the rest of Karnataka. During the monsoons, in the month of June, July and August, it rains incessantly and you could do a tour just to experience the Indian monsoons. It gets chilly during December and January and it is recommended to carry some warm wear along.
  • While you are in Coorg, you should stay in one of the homestays located amidst coffee estates. We recommend you stay at Dhyan's Den in Madikeri and Blue Mountains Estate Stay in Napoklu for their amazing hospitality. This will also serve as a good base for hiking up Tadiandamol.
  • You cannot go to Coorg and not savour Pandi (pork) curry, akki rotti (rice bread) and the many flavours (usual grape to the unimaginable jackfruit, vanilla, guava and many more) of homemade wines. Also, make sure you pick up some honey and spices on your way back.

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