Mysore is the undisputed cultural capital of Karnataka. Many believe that you have not experienced Southern India till you have spent a few days in Mysore. The fort and palace walls provide bounty for trivia hunters. However, there are plenty more things to do in Mysore. The lively market will charm the coldest of the hearts. The quaint little bylanes around the city are a hotbed for a thriving population practicing many ancient art forms. There is a reason why Mysore is the global destination for Yoga and Ayurveda. Beneath its fabled culture also lies a rich heritage in bio diversity. There are also rocks to be climbed and hills to be conquered. At the end of the day, there is also that nice café by the street for you to share a coffee and a snack. After all, this place ought to have some character if it inspired the legend of Malgudi.


These are just some of the important things to do in Mysore. We recommend giving this city at least 2-3 days if not more.

  • The Ambavilas Palace, commonly known as the Mysore Palace: Quite simply amongst the most stunning palaces in India. This architectural marvel built in the Indo – Saracenic style is extremely well preserved. A must see during your time in Mysore.
    • Timings: The palace is open from 10:00 hrs (IST) till 17:30 hrs (IST). The palace is lit up from 19:00 hrs (IST) to 19:45 hrs (IST) on Sundays and general holidays.
    • Entry fee: The tickets are priced at INR 20 for children, INR 40 for Indians and INR 200 for foreign nationals (includes an audio guide).
  • The Devaraja market: An evening stroll around the market is sure to lighten your mood. The fragrance of fresh flowers, the myriad colours of fresh fruits and vegetables and the talkative vendors all combine to deliver a heady assault on the 5 senses. Carry your camera when you visit this place.
  • Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens: There will always be a never ending debate about keeping animals in the zoo. However, the Mysore Zoo stands out as one of the best maintained zoos in India with a stunning collection of animals usually kept in decent conditions. This is one place the kids would love to hang out in.
    • Timings: The zoo is open from 08:30 hrs (IST) to 17:30 hrs (IST) other than Tuesdays.
    • Entry fee: The tickets are priced at INR 30 for children and INR 60 for adults.
  • Chamundi Hills: This is the home of Goddess Chamundeshwari, the protector deity of Mysore. The historic temple at the summit is frequented by worshippers all around India. This small hill on the outskirts of Mysore also provides excellent rock climbing, cycling and hiking trails, perfect for a Sunday morning workout. The hill also provides the perfect viewpoint for a picturesque Mysore landscape in the night.
    • Timings: The temple closes down three times a day. It is open from 07:30 hrs (IST) to 14:00 hrs (IST); from 15:30 hrs (IST) to 18:00 hrs (IST) and from 19:30 hrs (IST) to 21:00 hrs (IST).
  • Karanji Lake: A boat ride beckons in the midst of a scenic lake. There is also an aviary where birds have ample space to roam around. This is a good place to while away a beautiful evening.
  • Jayalakshmi Vilas Palace and Folklore Museum: A little jewel in Mysore, this place deserves to be explored in detail. A museum showcases a brilliant collection of artifacts from Mysore and Karnataka. A more detailed explanation of the artifacts can make the experience better. However, this place is still beautiful and enchanting enough for history buffs to lose themselves for a few hours at least.
    • Timings: The museum is open from 10:00 hrs (IST) to 12:00 hrs (IST) and from 14:30 hrs (IST) to 17:30 hrs (IST). It is closed on Sundays and on second Saturdays of the month.
  • Learn Yoga: Mysore is the Mecca for any serious yoga practitioner, for the best known proponents of yoga learnt their trade in Mysore. The best known yoga school is Pattabhi Jois Yoga Institute.
  • Srirangapatna: 15 Km from Mysore is the capital of Tipu Sultan, one of the legendary warrior kings in the Indian history. Tipu’s palace and tomb remind us of the terror that he wrought upon the British minds in late 1700s. There is also an ancient and beautiful Vishnu temple at the centre of the village.
  • Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary: 15 Km from Mysore is the best crocodile spotting region in India, where you go on a boat ride and see wild crocs swimming all around you. You will also be able to see a brilliant collection of migratory birds during the winter.
    • Entry fee: The tickets are priced at INR 50 for Indians and INR 300 for foreign nationals.
    • Boat-ride fee: You will have to pay an additional INR 50 (Indians) and INR 300 (foreign nationals) if you want to go for a ride in the boat.


  • The best season to visit Mysore is from August to March. Mysore has a tropical weather. The temperature varies from 19 to 28 degrees. Dress to cover your shoulders and knees.
  • Mysore Dasara is the state festival that goes on for 10 days in the month of October. The entire city is decked up during this cultural festival and it is the best time to check out the local form of arts.
  • We recommend staying near the Palace area, from where you can walk around everywhere.

  • When you are in Mysore you have to savour the Mysore Pak, a ghee laden dessert named after the city. Also, while in Mysore, you should not miss eating the Masala Dosa, a savoury pancake with potato filling. You should try the dosa at the Mylari, a joint that has been preparing melt in the mouth dosas for the last 70 years.

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