The enduring image of a houseboat cruising the backwaters is what draws millions of tourists to Kerala every year. A mega industry across Kerala, Alleppey is possibly the best place for you to savour this unique Kerala experience. You hop onto a rustic looking but luxury laden boat and do nothing all day except enjoy the extreme calmness you feel in the air. You will run into an occasional fisherman hauling his catch for the day, from whom you can buy and ask the chef on board to whip up a seafood delight. All this while you are on board the boat! For something even more memorable, we recommend hopping onto one of the canoes and navigating the watery by lanes adorned with homes of fisherman and witness the daily life in a village. For the thirsty ones, we recommend doing a toddy tapping (traditional coconut liquor) tour and savour the not-so delicate taste of alcohol. There are also churches and temples aplenty along with a very good private museum which houses a stunning collection of crystals and ivory artefacts. Your time in Alleppey is most likely going to be the highlight of your time in Kerala. Of all the things to do in Alleppey, do not miss the houseboat and the canoe experience. Simply unforgettable!


Things to do in Alleppey revolve around the pristine backwaters. Put your feet up and soak it up, for this is a one of its kind Kerala experience.

  • Hop on board a houseboat, do nothing while the boat cruises the backwaters and stay overnight on it while having some yummy sea food. If there is one image of Kerala that has drawn tourists to Kerala, it is this. A truly magical experience.
  • Take a 5 hour canoe ride on the narrow by lanes of the fishing villages and experience life in an Indian village. Many houseboats offer this in the evening, while it rests on the backwaters. Highly recommended.
  • Visit the RK Museum: This museum is the collection of fine arts and artefacts of a family for over three generations. The tickets are priced at INR 150 per person. The museum open from 09:00 hrs (IST) to 17:00 hrs (IST) and remains closed on Mondays.
  • Be a part of the annual boat race. This annual event is a unique Kerala experience. About 15 chundan (snake boat), filled with over 100 people, row and compete to be the fastest across the line. The crowds are fun loving and boisterous and is quite safe for tourists.
  • Visit the Nagaraja temple at Mannasarala, an ancient snake temple. The main deity here is the Nagaraja, which translates to the serpent King and is the biggest Nagaraja temple in Kerala. More than 30,000 images of snakes are present here, making it an interesting pit stop on the way to Varkala.
  • Rent a bike and cycle to the Marari beach. Though Alleppey is known for its backwaters, the beaches are beautiful as well. Ride to the Marari beach, to witness a serene sunset and enjoy the village life enroute.


  • Alleppey is located 50 Km from Fort Kochi and can be reached using local buses. The journey takes about 2 hours and is quite economical and safe as against using private taxis.
  • The best time to visit Alleppey is between September and March. It gets hot from March onwards and the monsoon shows its full fury in June and July.
  • The boat race for 2015 is scheduled for August 8th. You can find more details about the boat race here.
  • Accommodation: Vendanta Wakeup Hostel- Vedanta also offers private rooms at budget.

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