Cochin City Tour

Many centuries ago, an ancient port at the centre of a world's spice trade attracted the attention of global empires in search of riches. It resulted in a multitude of rulers, each one leaving a unique imprint on the twin cities of Kochi and Ernakulam. Get a flavour of all the elements of this with us - rich history with art, culture, tradition and food, all resulting in an unforgettable Kochi experience. It will leave you with an enhanced understanding of what makes Kochi a historic and tradition loaded city - the perfect Cochin city tour to set you up for your journey within Kerala.

Tour Information

  • About the day

    Join the wolf pack at Fort Kochi bus stand at 7:00am and head to one of its kind fish market and watch the auctioneer crack some deals. After a quick breakfast, head out to the Palace that will defy your idea of a Palace. But wait till you enter and let the true story unfold! Understand about the religious harmony that exists here while you walk through the Jew Town to one of the oldest active Synagogues in India. Experience the heady aromas from the spices and sample some yourself. After devouring the Kerala Sadhya (authentic Kerala styled meal), visit the Kerala Folklore Museum to garner some knowledge on the folk arts of Southern India. Get onboard a ferry for a soothing ride across the backwaters to reach Fort Kochi. Take a break to beat the heat before heading out for a walk on the cobbled path to view the famed Chinese fishing nets. After enjoying a picturesque setting, tread on the paths of Old Mattancherry post sun-down. Here, delve into the lives of the locals as you walk around. From Ayurveda, to temples; from the local market to the families churning out Pappadams (rice crisps) – everything is on offer here.

    Things to Carry

    A light day pack with a bottle of water and sun cap

    Wear clothes for warm weather but carry a rain jacket or a poncho

    Comfortable footwear

    Pickup Points

    7:00am : Njaliparambu Junction, Fort Kochi,Kochi, Kerala 682001

    : Additional pickup points can be provided on request

Time Table


Inclusions & Exclusions

  • Inclusions

    Moving around in a comfortable air conditioned vehicle

    A high quality guided tour for the full day


    Breakfast at Fort Kochi - INR 100 (approximately)

    Entrance at Kerala Museum of Art and History - INR 150

    Entrance at Hill Palace Museum - INR 20

    Entrance at Folklore Museum - INR 100

    Kathakali show - INR 300

    Traditional lunch at one of the cafes

    Pickup Points

    7:00am : Njaliparambu Junction, Fort Kochi,Kochi, Kerala 682001

    : Additional pickup points can be provided on request











3,000/- INR

Stories from the road!

Sample some spices during  the Cochin city tour
A tour around Cochin is incomplete without sampling some of the spices
Enjoy a Kathakali performance on the Cochin city tour
Kathakali - a fine blend of music, dance and storytelling
Cochin - a city with a rich cultural history
Cochin - a city with a rich cultural history
Chinese fishing nets on the Cochin City Tour
Chinese fishing nets in Cochin
Enjoy the Kerala Sadhya during the Cochin city tour
Sumptuous Kerala Sadhya - a foodie's delight
Colourful boats are a common sight uring the Cochin city tour
The fort, food and the colours on the beach @ Cochin
A visit to the Synagogue is a must during the Cochin city tour
The oldest Synangogue in India at Cochin
Explore the spice markets on the Cochin city tour with goMowgli
The spice market of Cochin - one of the oldest in the world