• 93% Ebullient
  • 10% Upper body strength
  • 17% Technical Expertise

Sunil Abhilash


Sunil had built a career in sales and marketing, trying to sell cigarette, soap, shampoo, cards and a whole lot of other interesting products before he decided to pursue his childhood dream of driving buses for a living. 5 years of suitcase life has helped him toughen up for the job at hand. He also suffers from a chronic hangover from his long backpacking trip to Australia and New Zealand. When he is not running to lose kilos and not binging to gain back the lost kilos, and when he is not getting slapped with travel tattoos, he leads the team at goMowgli.

Sunil also has an MBA degree from IIM Kozhikode and is currently pursuing a post graduate diploma in sustainable tourism. He thinks the Indian travel industry desperately needs an overhaul and believes in goMowli leading the way.

  • 90% Composure
  • 23% Verbosity
  • 80% Wacky

Anil Alur


Anil is a software engineer who turned entrepreneur 5 years ago and failed trying to sell inverters, trees and bio gas plants. He finally found some success when he started selling cow dung for a living. He now manages operations, customer service and all the boring bits of our business and never complains about the kind of work we give him here. Legend has it that he once cycled from Manali to Leh on a constant diet of paracetamol. He is always, on his cycle, on the lookout for the best chicken dish in town or the best lake for a swim.

Anil, given his experience in dealing with cow dung, knows how to cut through the crap and always ensure things get done.

  • 2% Body Fat
  • 19% Teetotaler
  • 99% Polymathic

Karan Cariappa

Head Products

Karan was once thrown out of the armed forces for breaking his nose and he, in turn, sought revenge by throwing away a successful career with Accenture. He travelled to the barren hills of Ladakh in search of atonement for his sins and instead found enlightenment. Given his background in Industrial Production, he loves to make things work and tears them down to fix them up again. It is not entirely coincidental that the legend of Phunsuk Wangdu was born at the same time as the unknown year of Karan.

Karan is the architect of all our itineraries and dreams of being a master craftsman someday. He is the flag bearer for sustainable practices within goMowgli, and draws the line which we never dare cross.

  • 88% Vagabond
  • 60% Live wire
  • 15% Athleticism


Sangeeta suffers from the ‘give-up-CA-to-do-something-else’ syndrome. Because she is the Humpty Dumpty who had had the great fall and has a crack in her head since then. After almost 8 years of duel with numbers and Indian laws, she decided to relinquish everything and work for the greater good. This is when she met the love of her life - stories. She had set out on a journey to discover more about stories but instead stories found her everywhere. And that is how she landed at goMowgli.

Sangeeta is the official storyteller at goMowgli. The secret is that she gets paid for doing nothing, as stories find her everywhere she goes.

  • 10% Nebulous
  • 23% Chatty
  • 78% Fanatic


Girish has donned many hats over the years, across a multitude of desk jobs. When he is not crunching numbers or suiting up to deliver 'that perfect sales-pitch', he can be seen scouring the Bangalore landscape with a paperback in one hand and a camera in the other. When earthly worries seem ominous, he finds release by devouring the Bangalore-Mysore corridor on his trustworthy old motorcycle. When the dust of the day settles, he finds joy by studying the depths of the very many Eco-systems in his tiny aquarium and seeks solace in music across varying genres. He is a commerce graduate on paper, but a road-runner at heart, always raring to take flight.

Given his varied experience, Girish takes on any job that needs to be done in goMowgli. He can be found either at his desk or roaming the streets in search of that something which makes goMowgli what it is.

  • 99% Extraordinary
  • 99% Love for water
  • 99% Candid


Kamal is on-the-run, all the time. Known to have eaten more than 20 idlis once, he can eat whatever comes his way. In his attempt to learn something new all the time, he has learnt multiple languages and now uses it to charm people across the city. He is a maniac who has cycled 3200 kms in 24 days covering all the 32 districts in Tamil Nadu. He thinks he still has a long way to go and plans to cycle 15,000 kms in 90 days from the Northern tip of America to the Southern tip.

At goMowgli, he is a full-stack marketer. Given his experience as an entrepreneur and in travelling, he does all it takes to keep fuelling the organization.

  • 100% Love Guru
  • 2% Herbivorous
  • 99% Mass following


Rashmi is a voracious reader with a huge appetite for travel. Have been to places across India and recently she concluded her journey to Leh where for the first time in her life she cycled over 250 kms. She dreams of travelling around the world and currently Cambodia has conquered her dreams. She is currently wielding the marketing sword for goMowgli. She is a die-hard fan of Games of Thrones and Star Wars so much so that she read the Game of Thrones books as well. Her mantra of life is “Get things done, enjoy life and then, enjoy your life all over again.”

  • 5% Foodie
  • 90% Philosophical primate
  • 65% Accent expert


Do you know anyone with more than 13 names? Well! He is right here - Himanshu, Shekhar, HR, Papa Bear, et al. He has stayed in almost 10 different cities across India and thanks to that he is a champion of various Indian accents. Having run a travel start up on his own, he has understood the nitty-gritty of what it takes to change the face of India’s tourism. At goMowgli, he shoulders operations which in other words mean dealing with a lot of people and ensuring smooth management of everything most important before travellers come onboard – bus, tour guides and most importantly, multiple queries of the “awesome travellers”.

  • 81% Enthusiastic
  • 72% Idea Machine
  • 89% Street Smart


Robin is a retarded hippie at heart – his love for food and music definitely makes him one. Not just that, he is an absolute sports aficionado. He has represented Karnataka in cricket, football and karate. His list of ultimate desires consists of a ride across India on his bike, a visit to Tomorrow Land and Isle of Man bike race.

At goMowgli, apart from trying to keep the upbeat culture alive, he has been trying to perfect his three pointers on the basketball court. As for work, his job is to undertake travel - both real and virtual and hold the banner of goMowgli high wherever he goes.

Veena Mistry


Veena, despite now living in California and having travelled the world for both business and pleasure, has been unable to overcome her addiction for spicy tangy Indian chaat. She is a serious foodie who takes her baking even more seriously. Sporty by nature, she loves Kung Fu, Roller Blading, Skiing, Rock Climbing and is an ardent hiker. Ever the believer in raising the bar, she walks a marathon and a half.

Veena Mistry is the cofounder of a payment industry behemoth in India and now takes time out to mentor the motley crew of goMowgli. She leads, trains and teaches professionals and teams of all sizes on leadership and problem solving, and believes in a no-nonsense approach to problem solving. She lucidly switches between strategy and tactical thinking, and beats sense into the goMowgli team whenever we go astray.