Adventure Tours in India with goMowgli

An adventure tour in India? Seriously?? Yes, we are very serious about this. This is a young country seeking that adrenaline rush and there are more adventure activities to meet the increasing demand than you can imagine. With us, you will be sampling a few of these must-do adventure activities.

Surfing is a must do if you seek adventure tours in India
Ride the waves at the many surf breaks across India

When on an adventure tour in India, one activity that tops it all is hiking the mighty mountains. The snow capped Himalayas, the dense, tropical forest filled Western Ghats and the screaming rivers all over India – all of these offer an adventure like no other. Away from the crowded and noisy cities, you will be astonished at the profound joy of solitude that you find in the mountains. Mark a few days in your India itinerary just for the hikes, be it in the Western Ghat ranges of Kerala and Karnataka or in the alpine highlands of the Himalayas. The hikes may not be easy but the stunning landscape will surely inspire you to reach the summit and we promise you will never regret it.

Raft the mighty rivers that flow down the mountains. Or surf up the waves that hit the long coast that India has.

If climbing the mountains is not your thing, consider viewing the divine beauty while you raft the mighty rivers that flow down the mountains. Or surf up the waves that hit the long coast that India has. To give an impetus to your adventure tour in India, head for a soothing house boat trip on the backwaters of Kerala. And then switch into a little canoe that takes you into small waterways lined with homes of fishermen. Combine this with all the wildlife safaris on offer at all national parks in India and you have a complete adventure destination right here in India.

Hiking must be included if you seek adventure tours in India
The Western Ghats and the mighty Himalayas present many adventure hikes for the adrenaline junkie in you

You could join us on board for rafting the white water along the Kali river at Dandeli, surfing, or the Houseboat experience at Kerala combined with hiking in Coorg and Munnar.

Also, safety does not take a backseat when adventure is at its peak at goMowgli. We spend a lot of time in researching and identifying the right professional operators before we recommend them to you on our tours.

Look no further than goMowgli if you seek adventure tours in India. Enough explanations! As Gryphon said to Alice, “No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.”

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