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When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And well! When in India, do not do what the guide books tell you. It is because the guide books tell you where most tourists go to – not handy if you are looking for offbeat tours in India. Moreover, India is best experienced when you stray off the well trodden path. While in India, we recommend you find your own trail while walking through the markets, sitting inside the forgotten temples, relaxing at the local cafes, wandering on the streets among the people - far away from the prying cameras of tourists.

Mark your own trail if you seek offbeat tours in India
Hampi offers many unmarked trail for an independent traveller

Agreed India has some beautiful tourist attractions. But if you are travelling to learn, we believe that you learn best when you are among the locals and experience their everyday lives in their company. Learn about what they eat, where they get their food from and enjoy a meal made by them, never to be found in the best of Indian eateries. Debate about ancient traditions surviving the onset of modernity and get to know about mythical beliefs of the locals which make them what they are.

Experience the everyday lives of the locals

And that is where we in goMowgli take you to, just so that you can try to comprehend the essence of India. With us you will see what makes India a truly incredible country to travel around.

We offer a variety of single day City Tours, multi day Hop on Hop off Tours around South India and a set of Bespoke Tours. But wherever we take you, we promise to go offbeat. We promise to show you something beyond the reach of an average tourist, something that is filled with authentic and immersive Indian experiences. Of course we also do visit the must-see tourist attractions – after all, it would be unfair if these beautiful spots are ignored. We promise with us you will travel India the way it ought to be travelled. Do go through our website and have a look at some of our tours - offbeat tours in India they say.

Mark your own mountain trail if you seek offbeat tours in India
Tread up the lush green trails of Western Ghats and mark your own trail

Offbeat tours in India would seem incomplete if you do not spend some time on the hills of Western Ghats or the majestic Himalayas. Read more about our adventure tours in India.

After a tour with us, you will appreciate the essence of what makes India a truly incredible country to travel around. The wolves who have roamed with us testify, we do a mighty good job at that, as we take the topic of offbeat tours in India very seriously.

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