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This is the country which inspired Rudyard Kipling to write ‘The Jungle Book’. There are more tigers in India than the rest of the world put together. The pantheon of Gods in this land includes a multitude of animals from the elephant to the monkey. The biomes range from evergreen tropical forests to grasslands to deserts, from the barren mountainous highlands to the teeming-with-life wetlands. The sheer amount of biodiversity here will capture your imagination if you are seeking to do wildlife tours in India.

Evergreen forests beckon you if you seek wildlife tours in India
Evergreen forests like this beckon you everywhere along the Western Ghats

Parts of Western Ghats receive some of the highest rainfall on the planet, and is teeming with a variety of flora and fauna.

Wildlife in India is highly underrated. Let’s talk about the Western Ghats. According to UNESCO the Western Ghats are one of 8 hottest biodiversity hot spots in the world, on par with the African Savannah or the Amazonian Rainforests. And yet, very few have even heard of the Western Ghats. This region of India receives some of the highest rainfall on the planet and is teeming with a variety of flora and fauna. As you ride along the Deccan Plateau up to the Western Ghats, you will be mesmerized by the transitioning landscapes – from grasslands to shrub forests to deciduous forests to semi evergreen forests to evergreen forests and finally the stunning Shola grasslands. Apart from tigers and elephants, the Western Ghats are also home to the largest bison in the world, the largest deer in the world and the largest poisonous snake in the world. If this does not whet your appetite, there are leopards, wild dogs, hyenas and sloth bears. Imagine being on a wild life safari in the middle of a tropical forest looking for these animals, with a background cacophony created by a huge array of colourful, fruit eating birds. Epic journey we believe.

We promise a wildlife experience like no other.

The flora and the fauna will enthrall you on your wildlife tours in India
The Kingfisher is just one of the many colourful tropical birds you will find in India

We at goMowgli take our wildlife very seriously and try to include it wherever we can. Our current experiences in South India include visits to the Periyar National Park in Kerala and Nagarhole & Bhadra National Parks in Karnataka. We also visit a few elephant camps, run by the Forest Department of the State. And if you choose to do a Bespoke Tour with us, we would be more than glad to include a few more national parks for you. If you are looking for wildlife tours in India, we promise a wildlife experience like no other. After all, our name is inspired by Mowgli and his motley lot from The Jungle Book.

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