The quaint charm of Hampi can only be experienced. The forlorn ruins amidst the rocky background, surrounded by lush green paddy fields have been drawing hordes of backpackers every year and yet Hampi lies curiously unexplored. 500 years ago, it was one of the largest cities on this planet and yet all that remains are forgotten ruins in a small town inhabited by a handful of locals. However, for the curious traveller, there are just so many things to do in Hampi. You can tread the mythology trail in search of the relics that make the legend of Ramayana. Hire a bicycle and ride through all the remaining monuments of the once mighty Vijayanagara Empire. Or hike up any hillock and discover an incredible landscape. For something more adventurous, go bouldering on the granite stones all over the place. For something less stressful, pick up a book and while away time in one of those cafes by the paddy fields. A perfect destination to unwind.


Things to do in Hampi range from the extreme, like bouldering, to blissful solitude. Read on to know more.

  • Go bouldering: Thimma at Shiva’s café on the island side, runs a climbing school and is the local climbing expert around Hampi. Just drop in and opt for his classes.
  • Explore the ruins around Hampi: Spend a day visiting the many ruins that define Hampi. The Vittala temple with the stone chariot, the Royal enclosure, the Queen’s bath, the monolithic Narasimha temple are among the few must sees.
  • The Vittala temple and the Royal enclosure have entry tickets. One ticket covers both places and is priced at INR 10 for Indians and INR 250 for foreign nationals and is valid for one day. Plan to cover both the places on a single day. 
  • Swim in the Sanapura lake: This lake set amidst boulders looks straight out of a painting. Take a coracle ride or jump into the lake for a refreshing swim.
  • Climb up the Anjanadri Temple for sunset. This hill is 4Km from the shacks on the island side and takes about 20 minutes to climb to the top. But it is worth the effort as you can witness stunning views of Hampi from the top. Don’t miss the sunset from the top. It’s just magical.
  • Climb up the Mathanga temple in the Hampi side for a panoramic view of the Tungabhadra lake and the Hampi ruins scattered all along the bank.


  • Hampi is located 23 Km from Hospet, which is the main hub in the region. There are daily overnight trains to Hospet from Bangalore and Mysore. You could also catch a train from Hubli to Hospet. There are frequent private buses to Hospet from major cities (Redbus)

  • To get to Hampi from Hospet, you can get a direct local bus from Hospet Railway Station and Bus stand to Hampi Bazaar which will cost you less than INR 30. You could also choose a ride on a tuk tuk (Auto Rickshaw) which should cost you INR 200 for a one way drop.
  • River Tungabhadra divides Hampi into two regions. The first one is simply known as the Hampi side where majority of the ruins are present and the other, known as the island side, is where majority of the options for accommodation are found. Alcohol and meat is banned on the Hampi side and so is renting a motored two wheeler. This side is more for the culture and architecture enthusiasts. The island side is where most of the climbers and people looking for a relaxing holiday head to. A motorized boat operates between 08:00 hrs (IST) and 18:00 hrs (IST) for INR 10 per person to ferry people from one side to the other. You could strike a deal with the manual coracle operator to cross the river at other times who typically charges INR 50 per person.
  • The rocks in Hampi make it a really hot place. Best place to visit Hampi is from October to February. To beat the heat, it is best to start the day early and take a long break for lunch around noon, and venture out in the evenings.
  • When on Hampi side, we recommend you eat at the Mango Tree. Rocky guest house and Vicky guest house provide good beds with attached toilets on the Hampi Side. Mowgli guest house is where you could stay when on the island side.

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